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About Us

Rave Nations was founded with the goal of creating a collection of apparel products to strive towards unity and spread awareness of the cultural and ethnic diversity seen across the World.  We believe that no matter where a person is from or who they are, we are all united as one.  The electronic dance music concert scene is especially special to us, enabling us all to let loose and move away from our daily stresses or to create new memories and friends.  

Rave Nations, located in the United States (Seattle, WA to be exact!) is committed to creating a brand that unites us all as one but we're also committed to helping out charities to help the underprivileged across the World.  10% of all online sales will be donated to a charity of your choice!

Be on the lookout for us at vendor merchandise location(s) at your next festival, show or concert.  Come say hello and let’s connect!


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