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5 Pack GloFX Paper Diffraction Glasses, Black, Light Prism Starburst Effect – Raves, Festivals, Light Shows, Clubs, Concerts

$7.99 USD $9.99 USD

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Brand: GloFX


  • ✅Exclusive Ultimate Diffraction Effect that turns ordinary lights into rainbows!
  • ✅Sturdy 250g paper cardboard stock designed to resist sweat and light moisture
  • ✅3 times the Light Diffraction effect compared to competitors
  • ✅Pack of 5 Pairs
  • ✅Dual Fold Lines on both sides to ensure that One Size Fits All

Details: Sure, there are other paper diffraction glasses on the market, but you will not find any that compare to ours. Paper diffraction glasses have a multitude of uses and are great for all ages, and no other paper glasses can hold up against the phenomenal ultimate diffraction lenses found in our GloFX Paper Cardboard Diffraction Glasses. We guarantee the best quality in the industry at an affordable price. Our Paper Cardboard Glasses feature the same effect as wearing a pair of our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses. These glasses feature a special lens that diffracts light into a gradient spectrum of colors, creating a stimulating visual experience that is truly indescribable. Our cardboard glasses provide over 3 times the light diffraction effect of other paper glasses. Made out of 250-gram cardboard stock, these paper glasses are made to stand up to to the ultimate rave. They are coated to resist sweat and light moisture, and will ensure you can experience every light show to its full potential. No other paper glasses can hold up against the phenomenal ultimate diffraction lenses found inside our GloFX Black Paper Cardboard Diffraction Glasses. While boasting both quality and durability, the Black Paper Cardboard Diffraction Glasses are still affordable and retain some of the best prices on the market. We ensure that not only will you be able to attend the festival you've been longing to go to, but you can accessorize your experience the right way without breaking the bank.