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GloFX Starburst Diffraction Glasses

$14.99 USD $24.99 USD

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Brand: GloFX

Color: Starburst


  • GloFX Starburst Diffraction Glasses
  • *Limited Edition*
  • Laser Etched Hard Plastic Diffraction Lenses
  • 3 Times the Diffraction of Competitors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Details: - Indestructible PVC Plastic Frame
- Superior Craftsmanship
- Water Resistant

Our Starburst Diffraction glasses feature a completely unique and stunning design that is only offered from GloFX! If you're looking for a pair of glasses that will set you apart from the crowd, then look no further because GloFX has you covered. With our stainless steel hinges and True-Flex PVC frame, your new glasses are sure to stand the test of time. Don't stare for too long because these glasses might not be around long, be sure to grab a pair today!

Like always, our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses feature an industry leading True Flex PVC Frame, as well as our stainless steel hinges to bring you durability and style in one package. you can't go wrong with these frames so pick up a pair today!