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Premium Kaleidoscope Glasses BUNDLE From "Lite Up" For EDM, EDC, Raves, and Dance Festivals. Light Weight Frame with Diffraction Effect, Many Colors

$19.99 USD

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Brand: Lite Up

Color: Black Frame Rainbow Portal Flat Back Lens


  • INCLUDED: One Pair of Real Crystal Kaleidoscope Glasses, One Landyard Strap, and One Silk Carrying Case. BONUS: "How To Prepare For Your Next Rave Guide", "How To Dress For Your Next Rave Guide For Men and For Women", "Lite Up Stories Part 1" , "Lite Up Stories Part 2", "VIP GROUP ACCESS", and a chance to be featured on our apparel.
  • FEEL HAPPY RADIATE POSITIVE ENERGY: You'll instantly be the center of attention once you throw these babies on. Instantly put a smile on your face and be amazed by all of the vivid images and shapes you'll see everywhere. Get ready for a psychedelic new
  • BE A PART OF OUR STORY: Tell us your craziest experience . We will then illustrate it through cartoons, then feature you on our newest line of apparel. We will name that piece of apparel after you and you'll become a part of our large community.
  • ATTRACT BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: No more awkward moments or boring conversations, put these prism glasses on and you'll quickly become that bright red umbrella in a room full of black. People will literally treat you like a rock star and be asking for your auto graph .
  • 100% RISK FREE: 365 Day Return Policy. If you do not LOVE our frames return them for a full refund. In exchange we will buy any one of our competitors.We assure that our frames will not fall off of your face while you rave to EDM music at your next EDC Dance Festival .


Why Does "Lite Up" Exist?

Our mission is to share the endless possibilities of beauty and imagination with a large community of people.

How Will We Do It?

1. Send us a picture of yourself and your craziest party experience through writing. You'll then have the chance to have it featured on our latest apparel in a series of 5 - 10 Illustrations. You'll forever be a part of our brand.

2. Each scene will be printed on one shirt after another. Once you stand in a group with your friends , your whole story will become visible.

3. Since your story will be a part of our larger continuous story, you can now connect to our other customers story as well. Fall in love with others stories who are a part of our community and meet new friends. No more awkward moments. You will instantly become connected with someone based off of what you see on their shirt. You can even stand together with them as a group and see your story connect with theirs

Read our reviews to see what others say about "Lite Up Kaleidoscope Glasses".

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You are backed by Our Lifetime Warranty too! Love it or your money back - your purchase is 100% risk free!

NOTE: These are NOT sunglasses, and WILL distort vision and may cause dizziness. They do not LIGHT UP, "Lite Up" is our company name.

NOTE: Do not drive or operate any type of machinery while wearing our glasses.